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Tuesday November 5th

Fiscal Responsibility

•7 years of no municipal tax increase

• Reduced debt 5 years straight which is lower than it has been    in decades!

• Increased credit rating to a AA+

Open Space

• Almost 80% of Mt. Olive Acreage (15,865 acres out of
19,996 acres are protected from further development

• Improving our recreational facilities like Turkey Brook for
all residents

• Preserved open space to ensure future generations have the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty that Mount Olive has

to offer


Our Council is made up a very diverse group of people. We are made up or different back rounds, jobs and opinions. We have always done what is right for every resident of Mt. Olive with no concern of political party. We represent all residents.


Council meeting are available online and now live on the website. We are all available via Social media, phone and email all times of the day. All our budgets are held in a public setting for all to see .

Energy Efficient Green Community

• Township Fleet garage and municipal building were converted to LED energy efficient lighting

• Municipal Building will continue it’s conversion to more energy efficient and environmentally friendly air conditioning units

• Actively implementing solar energy solutions

• Actively looking at solar options for the township.

Municipal Services

• Converted sanitation pick up to automation (One-Armed
Bandit) saving the township over 1 million dollars

• Spearheaded the implementation of automated recycling
pick up

• Maintain and operate some of the finest parks in Morris
County including the premier Turkey Brook Park

• Coordinate multiple events for all residents  through the
Recreation Department

Increased Revenue Keeping Taxes Stable for 7 years

With Long-term contracts for Shared Services. No decrease in services, in fact we’ve allocated more funds for our roads and added more Recreation events, all while reducing debt.

Representing All Residents

Your Mount Olive Township Council  and Mayor will continue to represent all residents of the Township and work to do what is best for everyone.

• Fiscally responsible

• Working to keep Mt. Olive Green and Clean

• Providing best in class municipal services,

recreation and safety

• Proven track Record

• Balancing responsible growth & the Environment

• Focused on Mt. Olive


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