Joe Nicastro

for Mt Olive Council

LETTER: Re-elect successful incumbents in Mount Olive

LETTER: Re-elect successful incumbents in Mount Olive

EDITOR: The council and administration are always looking for ways that they can improve the township as well as the lives of its residents.

Holding the line on taxes by not raising municipal taxes for seven straight years, while maintaining the level of municipal services.

The council and administration got the lake area designated as a “Redevelopment Zone.” Without that designation, no improvement in that area could occur as it is in the Highlands Preservation area. The administration hopes to purchase Doc’s Marina and develop restaurants along the lake corridor while enforcing the property maintenance code which led to the demolition of the Gold Mine Hotel and soon the Blue Bird Inn.

They have improved our recreation facilities including ball fields and dog park improvements.

They started a township pool at Centercourt and will be looking into purchasing Centercourt which will allow for many other activities for residents.

This council and administration are accessible to the public through the mayor’s Facebook page (with over 8,000 followers), social media, email, text and phone calls. They are available to residents by as many forms of media as possible.

The council meetings have always been available online. In 2018 they authorized a new website that would include live streaming of meetings beginning before the end of this year.

I would ask you on Nov. 5 to support for Rob Greenbaum for Mayor, Joe Nicastro, Colleen Labow and Alex Roman for Council.


Tracey Lane

Mount Olive Township

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